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RE: WINTER LLP UPDATE – Bureau of Cannabis Control Finding of Emergency and Notice of Proposed Emergency Regulations – Quick Response (QR) Code Certificate Requirements for Cannabis Licensees

Hello all, Some of you may have already seen this, but we wanted to circulate it again to those who aren’t on the BCC’s email list. The below announcement from the BCC tells us what we in the industry knew all along…  The State of California Legal Cannabis Industry is the only place to purchase […]

WINTER LLP Update: Committee Blog: Vaping-Related Illness – Applying Lessons Learned From The E-cig Market

by Ramon Alarcon, Wellness Insight Technologies, Inc. NCIA’s Cannabis Manufacturing Committee THE ISSUE In recent weeks, a growing number of respiratory illness cases associated with nicotine or cannabis vaporizer cartridges have been reported, leading to increasing concern among cannabis cartridge consumers, regulators, and medical experts. The vast majority of these reports are linked to cartridges […]

RE: WINTER LLP Update – Newly signed Cannabis Laws; and Bureau of Cannabis Control Publishes New Distributor Fact Sheets

Dear WINTER LLP Clients and Friends, Please see the following summaries on new laws going into effect in 2020.  This was a very favorable legislative sessions for the cannabis and hemp industries. Additionally, further below these new laws you can find two new fact sheets published by the BCC related to Distribution. As always, please […]