As a business owner, you have unique legal needs. And at WINTER LLP, we understand them. You want innovative solutions, not lengthy legal processes. You want bottom-line results, not big-time fees.

Fortunately, our experience in the domestic and global marketplace gives us a unique perspective. Our combination of exceptional attributes enables us to handle a wide range of legal problems with rare efficiency and effectiveness. Because of our experience and prior in-house and litigation expertise, we can accelerate problem resolution, IP protection and corporate structuring, helping you turn the page on time-consuming legal affairs.

In litigation, we swiftly analyze both sides of the argument and give you realistic guidance about your exposure and liability. Depending on your situation, we may help you resolve a dispute through settlement—or present another effective approach to each case while remaining cost-conscious.

Most large legal firms want to collect as many fees as possible before reaching a solution. Not us. We know that finding cost-effective solutions is in your company’s best interest. And we can help you decide whether a settlement is the wisest choice—within days instead of weeks or months.

Our expertise also extends to Intellectual Property and corporate legal matters. Whether you need assistance with trademarks, patents, copyrights or licensing agreements, we can help ensure your rights and critical assets are well protected. Plus, we ensure that your corporate legal issues—from corporate formation and structuring to governance, contracts and mergers/acquisitions—are handled promptly, proactively and efficiently from the start.

Bottom line, we help business owners resolve short-term issues and achieve long-term results by saving them time, money and legal aggravation. Contact us today to learn more.